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Explosive Breacher

Theory of Explosive Breaching, Explosive Breaching, Breacherís Handbook and SOP Development, Charge Calculation, Charge Construction, Explosives tactical Placement Drills, Blueprint Considerations and Site Intelligence, Live Fire Drills and tactical Deployments, Building Climbing/Ladder Operations

This course covers the tactical applications of breaching via mechanical, ballistic and explosive means. Designed for the intermediate skill level tactical team and above the course will cover all aspects of effecting entry into a crisis area or site. This will also include barrier penetration and obstacle crossing. The course will include an introduction to mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching followed by in depth application of each means on a variety of targets. Students will learn tactical target analysis, breaching EEI (essential elements of information), mechanical tool selection, tool use, ballistic breaching specifics, choosing the ballistic breaching round, explosives and explosive materials safety and handling, firing systems and charge selection and construction. Also, each student will have an opportunity to apply breaching techniques in a variety of tactical situations

Class Duration: One Week

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