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Intensive Handgun Skills II

The Intensive Handgun Skills course taught and dealt with skills and slowly built those skills into drills to maximize your ability. The intent of Intensive Handgun Skills II is to take those skills and assemble them into drills and "plays" to solve shooting scenarios. In shooting competition these plays are what we use to solve stages of fire. In self-defense, these plays are how we get ourselves to safety or neutralize the opponent in the fastest and most efficient manner. Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect!

Subjects Covered: The stages of fire we will use to investigate and learn come from a variety of sources and teach numerous aspects of shooting. We will use stages from the Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, International Practical Shooting Confederation, and the International Defensive Shooting Association.

Each stage is used to teach specific portions of shooting and after mastering numerous stages the shooter will have a base from which to solve all future shooting problems. Shooters will shoot each drill and play numerous times, giving time to dissect and analyze all portions of their performance and the time to shoot again and again, and lock in the proper answers over and over.

You can use your main gun with a .22lr kit for approximately 2025% of the course. This would require changing your gun back and forth numerous times per day but has the advantage of helping eliminate flinching and with high ammunition costs could save the shooter significant money.

You may also register by calling [425] 827.2552 or by email


Completion of Intensive Handgun Skills: Level I

Required Equipment:

Reliable, functional handgun; Belt holster (rigid) with sturdy belt; 2500 rounds of jacketed ammunition (minimum); 5 magazines or speedloaders; Hearing and eye protection

Optional Equipment:

Folding chair; Cooler with snacks, lunch, and drinks; Sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen

Dates & Locations

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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Student Testimonials

I have taken many courses from InSights Training, and all of them have exceeded my expectations. I worked at an indoor range, and by taking these courses, I have become more accurate and have learned some life saving techniques. Insights Training Centers is by far, the most professional and intensive training, with a staff that has a great curriculum. I highly recommend taking any of the InSights courses whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter (or any knife, unarmed, baton, etc. courses) that's looking to hone one's skills. Two thumbs up. Thanks InSights!     ~ Vance Sakado, Seattle, WA
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