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Advanced Tactical Casualty Care

This thirty-hour course covers the evaluation and treatment of the tactical casualty during the Care Under Fire / Direct Threat and Tactical Field Care / Indirect Threat phases. This standalone course covers all the materials presented in the ten-hour Tactical Casualty Care Course and builds upon that with additional hemorrhage control skills, recognition and management of tension pneumothorax, practical airway devices, and much more extensive practical exercises.

The entire third day of class is scenario-based with students conducting multiple casualty evaluations in a tactical environment. This class is completely consistent with current Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines as well as the guidelines for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.

Subjects Covered:
  • The true nature and myths of civilian gunshot wounds and realities of their medical management
  • How to rapidly determine the relative seriousness of an injury and how that will affect your tactical treatment  plan
  • Choosing appropriate medical care for each treatment phase
  • Assessment and management of penetrating, blunt, as well as blast injuries
  • The safe and efficient use of improvised and Commercially available tourniquets
  • Extensive practical exercises managing all types of hemorrhage, including junctional hemorrhage, effectively packing wound, and hemostatic agents
  • The power of the Nasal Pharyngeal Airway
  • Thoracic trauma, recognition of tension pneumothorax and its decompression
  • Casualty hypothermia prevention
  • Detailed training and practice moving casualties efficiently
  • Triage of multiple casualties and setting up a Casualty Collection Point
  • Appropriate treatment of casualties with abdominal or head injuries
If you carry a firearm and an Individual First Aid Kit this course will show you what should be in your kit, what you should take out, and how to most efficiently use everything around you for casualty care.

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No prior medical knowledge or training is necessary to attend

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