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LE Tactical First Aid

This course focuses on the tactical treatment of wounds common to interpersonal conflict. It is designed to give you the knowledge and skill necessary to save your life or the life of a team member who may be injured during a violent attack. We will cover the nature (kinematics) and effects (pathophysiology) of human vs. human trauma. We will discuss the priorities of "Care under Fire", as well as how "Care under Fire" differs from any other medical emergency.

Firearms and self-defense training often deals with the possibility of taking a life - learn how to save a life.


  • adapting your basic First Aid skills to the realities of interpersonal trauma in an unsecured environment
  • quickly and accurately determining the relative seriousness of an injury
  • basic airway and ventilation assessment and management
  • bleeding and shock assessment and management
  • penetrating and blunt force trauma assessment and management
  • extracting a person from a tactically unsecured location
  • how to prepare a pocket first aid kit that will dramatically increase your treatment capabilities
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Law Enforcement or Active Duty Military

Required Equipment:

Expendable clothing that may be permanently stained with fake blood. Holster gear and an inert handgun are useful. (We have some models of inert guns available.) Expendable running shorts/sports bra to wear under clothing when role playing the casualty.

Dates & Locations

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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