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Patrol Officer Combatives

Traditionally, law enforcement defensive tactics have focused on arrest and control techniques. Although important, these techniques are not sufficient preparation for today's violent street environment.

When arrest/control techniques fail; and our safety is in jeopardy due to a violent physical assault, we need techniques that will allow us to stun and disable our assailants and escape to a position to regroup and reassess the situation.

"Sometimes you have to win the fight before you can apprehend the subject."

This is a modification of the unarmed combatives system taught to U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets). This coherent system of techniques was selected for its simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of learning.

Topics include: Combat mindset. Natural body weapons. Striking principles. Vital target selection. Control of space, time, and distance. Defense against punches and kicks. Defenses against common holds, grabs, and chokes, Defense against multiple attackers. Officers will progress from doing techniques "in the air", to striking bags, to doing them full force against fully padded attackers.

This simple system will give you fight stopping techniques that will work regardless of your size, strength or physical condition.

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