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M82 Operator

Training and testing operatorís abilities with the M82-A1 shooting platform. This course covers system maintenance, shooting platform setup, 50BMG ballistics, ammunition selection and usage, known distance target acquisition from 100-1000m, cold bore shot, effects of temperature and humidity on bullet path, recoil preload specific to the M82-A1 platform, and general practices specific to the semi-auto heavy sniper rifle. System Information, M82-A1 Development/Capabilities, System Groups (Upper/Lower Receiver Sections, Bolt, Barrel, and Bipod), M82-A1 Disassembly/Assembly, Cleaning and maintaining the M82-A1 semi-auto 50BMG rifle, Scope Mounting/Bore-sighting, Shooting Platform Setup, Ammunition Selection, 50BMG Ballistics, Proper shooter alignment, rifle height to shooting surface, bipod positioning, and recoil preload, Cold Bore Shots, temperature effects, and humidity, Drop tables

Class Duration: Two Weeks

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There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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