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Intermediate Defensive Rifle

The intent of this class is two-fold: first, to increase the shooter's abilities at Close Quarters Marksmanship, and second, to make the shooter a total "rifleman" with the ability to shoot to the potential of his rifle.

The single man tactics taught in General Defensive Rifle will be continued and shooters will have opportunities to do live fire single room clearing and "entries" on mock rooms. This will advance to two man tactics. As always, no shooter will be asked to do things they are not capable of - we will challenge you, not break you!

Subjects Covered: For the CQM portion of the course, we will spend significant time in the ranges of 050 meters mastering speed and accuracy while using available cover and movement as is required in Urban Combat situations. This portion will be fast moving and the constantly changing drills and environment will challenge the shooter's mental and physical abilities.

The Rifleman portion of the course will be spent examining and testing the shooter's abilities at 100600 meters. This is a chance to find out what the maximum capabilities of you and your equipment are. Shooters will be able to shoot from a variety of positions and from a rest to find their own abilities.

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Completion of General Defensive Handgun or equivalent, Concealed Weapons Permit or documentation of good character, and completion of General Defensive Rifle within the last 5 years

Required Equipment:

Semiautomatic, magazine-fed, iron-sighted rifle with sling; 1500 rounds of ammunition (no steel core ammunition); 3 rifle magazines (minimum); Red-dot or low-powered optics suggested but not required; Handgun with 100 rounds and holster gear; Knee and elbow pads; Hearing and eye protection; Equipment for stable shooting at distance (sandbags, day pack, bipods, etc.); A pad to lie on for distance shooting

Dates & Locations

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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