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Unarmed Self Defense

$300 per student

No matter where you go, you can always have the self defense tools you were born with! Unarmed Self Defense is a must for anyone who wants to increase his or her self defense options. And it is a highly recommended self defense class for women and teens, since they are the most likely group to encounter grabs, chokes, and holds with the greatest disparity of force during violent assaults.

At the end of this two-day class you will be able to stun and disable an attacker of greater size and strength than yourself and escape to safety. You will learn the self defense system taught to U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets). This is a coherent system of techniques selected for their simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of learning.

You will progress from doing techniques "in the air" and against striking bags, to striking anatomically correct dummies. Eventually you will apply techniques against a live attacker in a specially designed suit.

This self defense class is an excellent choice for both those who are unwilling or cannot carry a firearm and for those that need to augment their firearms skills. If you carry a gun, learn how to not have to use it! This simple system will give you fight stopping techniques that will work regardless of your size, strength, or physical condition.

Subjects Covered:

  • Natural body weapons
  • Striking principles and vital target selection
  • Control of space, time, and distance
  • Defenses against punches and kicks
  • Defenses against holds, grabs, arm bars, and bear hugs
  • Defenses against multiple attackers
  • Fighting from the ground
  • Physical and psychological stress reactions
  • Incident avoidance and prevention
  • Legal considerations
  • Combat mindset

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Required Equipment:

Lightweight, comfortable clothing with long sleeves and long pants; Court shoes, wrestling shoes, or no shoes. You will be working in close contact with other students, so good grooming is appreciated.

Dates & Locations

Everett, WA
October 24 - 25, 2015
Sold Out
Time: 8am-6pm
Instructor: InSights Staff
December 05 - 06, 2015
Time: 8am-6pm
Instructor: InSights Staff
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Student Testimonials

Most people don't consider or they underestimate the spiritual aspects of self defense training. Women especially have an inherent myopia when it comes to envisioning and pursuing what they could be. It takes a special type of person to broach that divide. Needless to say, I'm impressed with your ability to do just that. Self esteem is probably the most important inner trait for women, and you have helped us to increase our shares by being the successful, bright, funny, competent, attractive warrior you are, doing just what you are doing. It's an important service with enormous spiritual implications, and it's your niche. All men should aspire to that level of desirability. You have my thanks. I'm looking forward to learning all I can from you.
    ~ Deborah, Seattle, WA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students will be in the class?
A: Normally we limit the class size based upon the facility available and the number of coaches we have. Generally the maximum number of students is about 20.

Q: I am not in very good shape, will this be a problem in class?
A: Parts of the class are very physical, but you may opt out of the portions that you do not feel comfortable doing.

Q: I have previously studied a martial art, will that help me?
A: Having a good foundation of physical skills will make it easier for you to learn new skills, but it is not required.

Q: Do we do any sort of warm-up or conditioning exercises in class?
A: Stretching and conditioning are not are part of the class. Since we only have 20 hours we do not have enough time for a conditioning regimen like you would find in a traditional martial arts class. Students may stretch and warm up as they choose before we begin training.

Q: What should I wear to class?
A: Generally it would be better if you wore something closer to your normal every day clothing rather than workout attire. Athletic shoes or lightweight hiking boots are the best choice for new students.